Airbus to Develop Eurofighter With Unmanned ‘Loyal Wingmen’

Airbus is working to develop manned-unmanned teaming capability for the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet.

The two-stage development comprises demonstration of teaming capability on the Eurofighter under the X-Platform Capability Study (XPCS).

In the second stage, a twin-seater Eurofighter will be developed, featuring a new cockpit and connectivity elements under System and Teaming Advanced Research (STAR).

Testbed for Future Combat Air System 

The Future Combat Air System (FCAS) will leverage technologies developed in both stages, including the cockpit human-machine interface.

The FCAS is a European sixth-generation fighter aircraft project being developed as a replacement for the French Rafale, German Typhoon, and Spanish EF-18 Hornet in the 2040s.

The aircraft will have advanced avionics, weapons, stealth, and manned-unmanned teaming capability.

“Eurofighter will be a stepping stone into FCAS planned to enable teaming capability and sensor fusion across multiple airborne assets before FCAS EIS planned in 2040,” an Airbus job posting read.

“In the most complex threat scenarios, FCAS will deliver increasing operational effects by leveraging the collaborative capabilities of connected platforms, bringing the next level of Air Power in highly denied environments.”

According to the announcement, the project will be conducted at Airbus Defence and Space’s facilities in Manching, Germany.

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