BAE, PGZ to Provide Polish Army With Armed Recovery Vehicles

BAE Systems and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) have signed a memorandum of understanding to deliver combat and recovery vehicles to the Polish Armed Forces.

Under the bilateral agreement, the firms will provide M88 armed recovery vehicles (ARVs) and related combat vehicle solutions to Warsaw.

The land capabilities support the Polish military’s ongoing modernization efforts, such as the procurement of a future M1A2 Abrams tank brigade announced by the Polish Ministry of National Defence earlier this year.

Work for the program will involve research and expansion of the companies’ various mission-critical capabilities and lifecycle support within Polish defense industry facilities.

“We’re committed to increasing the value and scope of our strategic partnership with every company that’s involved in Polish Armed Forces technical modernization programs,” said Sebastian Chwałek, Management Board President of PGZ.

“BAE Systems has secured a major foothold within our Land Forces with the M88 ARVs and we’re working on securing a fruitful relationship, which will provide high-quality services for our soldiers as well as new capabilities for our facilities.”

Equipping Poland With Modern Platforms

Alongside the 70-ton ARVs, the strategic partnership will also deliver armored multi-purpose vehicles (AMPVs).

BAE Systems’ AMPV line is a family of next-generation combat vehicles that offer mobility, protection, and interoperability for service commands.

Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle
Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Image: BAE Systems

Like the Polish Armed Forces, the US Army Armored Brigade Combat Team will also receive AMPVs to integrate with its M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks.

“Today’s agreement underscores an important milestone in our developing industrial cooperation partnership with PGZ and demonstrates our commitment to delivering critical capabilities to support Poland’s defense modernization efforts,” BAE Systems Platforms & Services President Jeremy Tondreault explained.

“The M88 program now gives us the opportunity to deliver localization of sustainment services to Poland.”

“We look forward to delivering the best, most capable recovery and battlefield solutions to equip Poland’s Land Forces with the modern, proven NATO platforms necessary to preserve European stability.”

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