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Indian Army Deploys ‘Aqua Jammers’ for Pakistani Drones

The Indian Army has deployed quadcopter jammers known as “Aqua Jammers” to protect its military bases from Pakistani drones.

The move comes amid recent incidents of drone surveillance from Islamabad.

According to a report by The Hindustan Times, the quadcopter jammers can detect drone signals up to a range of 5 kilometers (3 miles).

They snap the connectivity of the enemy drone with its operator, causing the system to fall to the ground.

In addition to quadcopter jammers, the army installed multi-shot guns around 400 meters behind the Line of Control.

The weapons work alongside the Aqua Jammers to destroy enemy unmanned aerial vehicles.

The two systems are backed up by surveillance centers to detect adversary mischief.

From January to September this year, 191 Pakistani drones reportedly entered Indian territory.

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