Epirus, General Dynamics Unveil Drone-Disabling Stryker Vehicles

American defense firms Epirus and General Dynamics have announced the successful integration of the Leonidas air defense system onto Stryker armored fighting vehicles.

The integration, called the Leonidas Stryker, allows military vehicles to disable enemy drones and other aerial electronic assets.

The development is part of a strategic teaming agreement signed in 2021 to install Epirus’ high-power microwave on the Stryker combat vehicle.

The two companies conducted field testing of the Leonidas Stryker, successfully disabling swarms of drones.

“The integration of Epirus’ Leonidas system with General Dynamics’ Stryker vehicle provides the US Army a cost-effective, maneuverable, and tested defense capability against current and emerging threats to the warfighter,” Epirus Chief Executive Officer Leigh Madden said.

Mounting an air defense system onto a military vehicle brings counter-electronics capabilities to the frontlines, according to the company.

Need for More Counter-Electronics Systems

The need for sophisticated counter-electronics systems has become increasingly apparent amid constantly evolving threats.

The involvement of high-performance drones and air defense systems in the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has influenced many countries to invest more in purchasing such systems.

According to Epirus, the continued evolution of enemy drones is now matched by the company’s “software-weaponeering capabilities,” allowing for the continuous intake of new data and rapid system updates.

“Adding Leonidas’ counter-electronics capabilities to the Stryker combat vehicle provides the joint force with unmatched mobile protection from the continuously evolving threat of weaponized drones,” General Dynamics official Gordon Stein said.

He further stated that the Stryker vehicles are an ideal platform for the Leonidas because it is “combat-proven, cost-effective, and highly mobile.”

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