Stryker to Receive Microwave Counter Drone Swarm Weapon

American aerospace firm General Dynamics will be collaborating with Epirus to integrate the Leonidas high-power microwave weapon onto Stryker combat vehicles for enhanced anti-drone swarm capabilities.

Combining the abilities of the armored vehicle and the directed energy weapon will reportedly allow the armed forces to have a fully mobile counter-electronics solution and maximum interoperability to meet mission needs.

According to a press release, the Leonidas can deliver “unprecedented” power and performance and is the only directed energy weapon with a proven ability to combat swarming drones by executing precision strikes at range.

“With Leonidas integrated into GD’s combat vehicle fleet, we are unlocking new SHORAD (short-range air-defense) and counter-electronics capabilities to equip our warfighters with combat effective systems that dismantle the threats of today and tomorrow,” Epirus Chief Executive Officer Leigh Madden explained.

In addition to the Stryker, the agreement seeks to integrate the microwave weapon onto other General Dynamics manned and unmanned combat vehicles such as the Multi-Utility Tactical Transport series and the Tracked Robot 10-Ton.

‘Evolving Combat Vehicle Fleet’

Built for the US Army, Stryker is a family of eight-wheeled combat vehicles capable of firing 18 rounds of 105mm main gun ammunition, 400 rounds of 0.50-caliber ammunition, and 3,400 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition.

The vehicle is designed for easy maneuver in close and urban terrain while providing protection in open terrain with robust armor. It is also capable of speeds up to 60 miles (96 kilometers) per hour.

General Dynamics President Danny Deep remarked that his company continues to evolve the Army’s “most reliable” ground combat vehicle fleet through the help of next-generation innovation and high-tech solutions.

He also stated that the recently signed partnership with Epirus will benefit the Army’s Stryker mobile SHORAD formations by “offering cutting-edge, counter-electronics and counter-swarm capabilities.”

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