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USAF Drones to Receive AI Gun Detection Solution

US Air Force AFWERX has awarded ZeroEyes a contract to deliver its AI gun detection solution for the service’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at the Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.

The $1.25 million Direct-to-Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant is the third contract the air force has awarded to the firm this year.

ZeroEyes’ technology will enable UAVs to detect handheld weapons for base protection.

The detection system is programmed with machine learning software with internet protocol security cameras that “identify the gun before the first shot is fired.”

After identification, the system shares screenshots of threats. An operator at a control facility confirms the weapon and triggers the drones to activate its response and interference components.

The entire process of AI-based gun detection takes three to five seconds, according to the firm.

“A quarter of active shootings take place on government property, and we will take every step possible to protect our Airmen,” Dover Air Force Base Chief innovation Officer Capt. Nicholas Martini said.

“ZeroEyes’ technology not only provides another layer of security; it will also enable us to reduce our investment in security personnel and use our manpower for more mission-critical tasks.”

ZeroEyes’ Gun Detection in USAF

USAF’s 325th Security Forces Squadron tested the ZeroEyes’ AI detection solution at Tyndall Air Force Base in March.

“The AI software can identify weapons such as shotguns, rifles and other weapon models,” said 325th Security Forces Squadron Tech and Innovation Officer-in-Charge Staff Sgt. Nicholas Murphy said.

“This innovation in technology is ‘early warning’ in nature and can help security forces Airmen save seconds that will save lives.”

“It is fully mission capable and due to that presence, it is a deterrence to stop or mitigate damage. The AI meets our mission intent because these technologies are used to strengthen our multi-layered base defense capability and augment our manpower.”

Other Contracts from AFWERX

In June, the firm received a $750,000 SBIR contract from AFWERX for the research, development, and deployment of the detection software at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

One month later, Zero Eyes secured another $1.2 million contract to integrate the technology at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.


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