UK Royal Navy Procures Three Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

The British Royal Navy has acquired three new REMUS 100 unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), bringing enhanced mission efficiency and increased data quality to the navy.

According to manufacturer Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII), the UUVs are designed with better endurance and the latest generation of sensors and payloads.

“Our newest REMUS 100s will bolster their existing fleet with increased capability for the UK’s subsea autonomous operations,” HII President Duane Fotheringham said.

Supporting Defense Missions

The 100-meter (328 feet) rated underwater vessel is equipped with side scan sonar and precision navigation features to collect data from even hazardous areas.

The UUV’s precise navigation feature helps provide highly accurate data to locate targets, including downed aircraft and sunken ships.

The side scan sonar allows for autonomous underwater surveillance, enabling operators to review, identify, and classify collected data away from minefields.

The two-man portable REMUS 100 can execute large area coverage on a single mission lasting up to 10 hours.

“The open architecture and modularity of the REMUS Technology Platform facilitates increased capabilities, interoperability and applications while decreasing risk and cost,” HII said.

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