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Australia Unveils Bushmaster Electric Armored Vehicle

The Australian Army has unveiled an electric version of its Bushmaster protected military vehicle.

Introduced during the recent Chief of Amy Symposium in Adelaide, the 4×4 armored vehicle features two hybrid electric drives that can produce 140 kilowatts and 480 nanometers of continuous torque.

Its existing diesel engine also serves as a range extender for the vehicle, providing an additional 400 kilowatts of power.

According to Australian assistant defense minister Matt Thistlethwaite, the newest version of the Bushmaster is a key part of the Army’s efforts to become “future ready.”

He stressed that the electric vehicle is advantageous on the battlefield because it is significantly quieter than its petroleum-fueled counterparts.

“We have seen great success with Australian designed and built vehicles keeping personnel safe under fire and the new [Bushmaster] represents the next innovative stage in that tradition,” Thistlethwaite said in a press release.

A Major Goal

The move to acquire hybrid electric vehicles is a major goal for the Australian Defence Force and the government.

Thistlethwaite asserts that the evolving battlefield requires soldiers to be supported by advanced technology.

“It is vital we support the exploration and development of these technologies, creating innovative advantages for the Australian Defence Force while supporting Australian industry and jobs,” he remarked.

The Bushmaster Vehicle

Developed by Thales, the Bushmaster is a 15-ton protected vehicle that comes in troop carrier, command, patrol, support, weapons deployment, and ambulance variants.

It reportedly provides blast and ballistic protection for up to 10 occupants.

Its optimized power management system allows the Bushmaster to operate at a range up to 300 kilometers (186 miles), with 24-36 hours of silent watch on battery power.

The vehicle is currently in service with the Australian Defence Force and seven other nations.

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