US Iron Dome Defense System Intercepts Targets in Latest Trial

The US Army has demonstrated the capability of its Iron Dome air defense system to intercept simulated targets during a live-fire drill.

The recently-revealed trial at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico was conducted in conjunction with the Israel Missile Defense Organization.

The air defense system reportedly intercepted all threats while being interoperable with other sophisticated US systems.

“As part of the US Army’s operational training, American troops operated the system, which functioned with optimal effectiveness against a variety of threats and intercepted targets from different ranges,” Rafael executive vice president Pini Yungman said.

The latest event was only the second live-fire trial involving the Iron Dome system since two batteries were supplied to the US Army in late 2020.

Iron Dome
US Army tests its Iron Dome air defense system. Photo: US Army

Iron Dome System

The Iron Dome air defense system is used in fixed and semi-fixed locations to defend against enemy drones, subsonic cruise missiles, rockets, and mortars.

It is a primary Israel Defense Forces system proven effective against short-range rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Rafael partnered with Israel Aerospace Industries to develop the Iron Dome for Israel, while, in the US, Rafael collaborated with Raytheon to manufacture the cutting-edge system.

“It’s important to understand that implementation for the US is about the ability to integrate this system into our air defense picture,” US Army air and missile defense official Maj. Gen. Brian Gibson explained.

“We need to integrate this into our US architecture, and to give confidence to our regional commanders that we can integrate this system safely into what they have.”

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