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Israel Tests Upgraded Iron Dome Air Defense System

The Iron Dome was first deployed in 2011 and underwent multiple upgrades within the last decade. 

Israel’s Ministry of Defense announced that the new and upgraded Iron Dome has successfully completed a fresh set of trials simulating potential land and sea threats.

The advanced version of the Iron Dome — a missile defense system created to intercept short-range missiles fired at Israeli territory — has been successfully tested by the Israel Missile Defense Organization and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, its prime contractor.

The Iron Dome was first deployed in 2011 and has since earned a strong reputation for its performance in Gaza, undergoing multiple upgrades within the last decade. 

Further Developments

The tests took place in central Israel in the presence of Israeli navy and air force officials. During this event, a number of scenarios replicating possible missile threats were simulated to test Iron Dome’s upgraded interception capabilities.

The updated model will now be installed on the Israeli Navy’s new Sa’ar-6 corvette warships and will play a key role in the defense of Israel’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

This event comes after the Defense Ministry announced in December that it had successfully completed a series of live-fire intercept tests of the Iron Dome. The ministry also tested a medium-range David’s Sling air defense system still under development that will target cruise and ballistic missiles. 

Through all of these tests, the Iron Dome has proven that it is not just effective against mortar shells, drones, and rockets but it can also target cruise missiles — a major leap forward in the system’s capabilities.

“The new and upgraded version of the Iron Dome is expected to be delivered to the IAF for operational use,” the Ministry of Defense stated.

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