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Japan Warns About China’s ‘Intelligentized Warfare’

Japan has sounded the alarm on China’s increasing military activities and innovations, including “intelligentized warfare,” the term given to Beijing’s growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its military capabilities.

The nation has pushed to rapidly improve the speed and capabilities of weapon systems, surveillance assets, and data processing.

According to Tokyo’s recently released 2022 defense report, AI-enabled “intelligentized warfare” can impact a wide sphere of weapons systems and technology programs in China.

It cited, for example, that satellite data can be processed and transmitted more quickly in Beijing, enabling warships, rockets, and nuclear weapons to receive better targeting information.

“Chinese military trends, combined with insufficient transparency about China’s defense policies and military affairs, have become a matter of grave concern to the region, including Japan and the international community, and these trends have been intensifying in recent years,” the report explained.

Despite the report on China’s intelligentized warfare, it is still unclear how far along the country is in shortening the combat “decision-making” cycle.

Increased Defense Spending

China is not the only country focused on improving its military capabilities.

In June, the US government officially recognized a new mobile radar that can track hypersonic missiles, drones, and fifth-generation combat jets with pinpoint accuracy.

The UK has also begun an initiative to develop hypersonic technology that delivers payloads at extended ranges and returns to be reused.

In Japan, the possible acquisition of AIM-120C-7/8 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) has been approved.

The missiles can be fitted onto the country’s F-35, F-2, and F-15J combat jets.

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