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Japan, Philippines Eyeing Space Defense Cooperation

A senior military officer from Japan has revealed that the Philippines and Tokyo could soon explore space and surveillance as the countries’ next areas of defense cooperation.

The plan comes in response to China’s increasing military activities in the Indo-Pacific region.

During his recent visit to Manila, Japan Air Self-Defense Force chief of staff Shunji Izutsu said that the sea and skies are no longer safe for either nation.

He further stated that the Philippines and Tokyo have been collaborating to increase their surveillance capabilities and are also interested in improving their situational awareness in space.

“Surveillance and awareness are very important for securing our national security,” Izutsu stressed, as quoted by The Mainichi Shimbun.

‘Stronger’ Relations

Philippine Air Force chief Connor Anthony Canlas claimed that the relationship between Japan and the Southeast Asian nation is “getting stronger” as they expand from economic to defense cooperation.

He said both countries could share crucial technologies such as software for operating air defense radars.

They could also work on sharing information collected by satellite.

Manila expects the delivery of four air defense radars from Mitsubishi to begin later this year.

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