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Israel Introduces Sixth-Gen Spike Missile

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled its sixth-generation Spike precision missile during the Eurosatory defense expo 2022 in Paris.

The new fire-and-forget missile system features enhanced capabilities, including the ability to fire four missiles from a single launcher simultaneously.

It can also be operated by a single soldier.

Additionally, the state-of-the-art missile uses advanced image-matching and processing technologies to receive images mid-flight and lock on enemy targets.

The system can also locate and hit enemy assets with maximum accuracy while minimizing collateral damage.

“The advanced version of the sixth-generation missile was developed in light of the need to meet newer and more complex demands that arise from the operational scene and thanks to the constant technological innovation and unique engineering capability Rafael has,” Rafael official Ran Gozali was quoted as saying.

Additional Capabilities

One of the new features of the sixth-generation Spike missile is the ability to transfer system control to other battlefield platforms mid-flight to achieve optimal success.

If a military helicopter launches the missile and flies out of the battle zone, a ground vehicle in the vicinity can take control of the Spike and navigate it towards the target.

The weapon has also been modified to neutralize swarm attacks, enhancing battlefield survivability.

The sixth-generation missile can now hit targets at up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) from a helicopter and 32 kilometers (19.8 miles) when fired from land and naval platforms.

“The SPIKE NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) serves as the foundation of the entire SPIKE Missile Family which has achieved incredible success and been widely incorporated over the years,” Gozali said. “The NLOS has evolved and now we see its most advanced and capable model, its 6th generation.”

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