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Turkish Anka Drone Radar Demonstrates Mine Detection

A Turkish Anka drone outfitted with Milsar Synthetic Aperture and Moving Target Indicator (SAR/MTI) radar demonstrated mine detection in an April trial, manufacturer Meteksan Defense revealed.

The Milsar has been designed to conduct “intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, deterrence, and attack operations” through airborne platforms.

All-Weather Target Detection 

The MTI detects and tracks moving targets while the SAR provides “high resolution and all-weather radar imagery, target classification and ground mapping,” allowing the aircraft to perform even in bad weather when its electro-optical sensors do not work.

The manufacturer claims that the radar can provide images with a resolution of up to 30 centimeters from any distance, even in the dark.

The radar provides detailed images by scanning a large waterbody area for real-time mine detection in SAR mode. It is particularly useful in detecting “stray mines” that “pose a high security threat in all weather conditions, day and night, instantly within the limits of the “Turkish blue seas.”

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