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Russia’s Hunter Drone Test Fires Guided Munition

The Russian S-70B Okhotnik heavy strike stealth drone test-fired a guided munition at a ground target for the first time recently, RIA Novosti reported, citing a source.

The state-owned outlet stated that the Sukhoi drone “successfully” tested air-to-surface missiles from the Su-57’s armament during its flight test.

The 14-meter (46-foot), 20-ton aircraft demonstrated its capacity to strike “several small-sized camouflaged targets with missiles at different times of the day in any weather conditions” during the test, RIA Novosti quoted the source as saying.

‘Wingman’ Drone

The development comes more than a year after the S-70B test dropped an unguided bomb, revealing its rapid progress. 

The drone has been developed to perform alongside the Su-57 in a “wingman” role capable of flying at 1,000 kph (621 mph). The drone took its first flight in 2019 and is expected to be handed over to the military in 2024.

Stealthier Version Unveiled In December

Sukhoi has developed two versions of the drone, one experimental and the other a prototype.

A prototype was unveiled in December that is slightly different from the experimental version.

The prototype’s engine lacks afterburners. It has a flat nozzle and is significantly smaller than its predecessor, allowing it to fit better into the fuselage. The experimental drone’s engine protruded from the drone’s “tail section due to the length of the afterburner.”

These distinctive features reduce the prototype’s radar and thermal visibility, the outlet explained.

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