FN Herstal Unveils New 9x19mm Hiper Pistol

Belgian arms manufacturer FN Herstal has unveiled its new 9×19-millimeter Hiper pistol for military and law enforcement.

According to the company, the weapon’s ergonomics was carefully considered and improved during development.

The handgrip design was intensively studied “to find the best compromise between static and dynamic comfort.”

The pistol’s optimized grip angle and low-bore axis balance provide improved controllability for multiple follow-up shooting.

“The pistol has been designed to best suit the shape of any user’s hand while an optional tactical locking plate is available for even easier cocking,” FN Herstal stated in a press release.

The Belgian firm added that the weapon allows operators to change magazines within seconds without a shift in grip to remain aligned with the target.

Hiper pistol
Another variant of the Hiper pistol fitted with a red dot sight. Photo: FN Herstal

Better Safety Features

FN Herstal also ensured the Hiper offers increased safety with the integration of several safety systems, including trigger, firing pin, and out-of-battery safeties.

According to the manufacturer, the pistol also features “unequaled sealing” against dust and dirt, making it “extremely reliable” for missions in adverse weather conditions.

Its patented interface makes the weapon compatible with the most commonly used red dot sights for small arms.

“FN Hiper is the pistol that will definitely make a difference for both armed forces and law enforcement,” the company states.

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