Saab to Deliver Carl-Gustaf Components to Undisclosed Customer

Swedish defense firm Saab has announced that it received a $65.5 million order for Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle components.

The company has not disclosed the identity of the client due to “circumstances concerning the product and customer.”

Additionally, Saab has not revealed if the components will be used to upgrade or repair Carl-Gustaf rifles previously ordered by other countries.

Earlier this year, the Stockholm-based firm signed a framework agreement with Lithuania to supply Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless weapons and ammunition. It also delivered 300 Carl-Gustaf M4 grenade launchers to Estonia to replace its aging M203s.

“We continue to support and strengthen our customers’ defense capabilities with our world-leading ground combat solutions,” Saab official Görgen Johansson said. He added that the order shows “our solutions meet our customers’ requirements.”

The components are scheduled for delivery by 2023.

The Carl-Gustaf Rifle

The Carl-Gustaf rifle is a man-portable, multi-role weapon system designed to neutralize armored tanks, clear obstacles, and engage enemies hiding inside buildings.

It is reportedly compatible with advanced fire control technologies and can be fitted with specialized ammunition, providing “extreme” tactical flexibility and greater effectiveness.

Additionally, the rifle can be mounted with intelligent sighting systems, including an optical 3x magnification sight, laser rangefinder, and image intensification system.

It also allows soldiers to shoot at night with the help of a tracer round.

“Saab is committed to ongoing innovative development of the Carl-Gustaf system to ensure your troops remain highly agile and always one step ahead of the enemy,” the company states on its website.

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