Lithuania Receives Bolide Missiles From Saab in $16M Deal

Lithuania has received Bolide missiles worth 15 million euros ($16 million) from Saab for its RBS-70 short-range man-portable missile air defense system.

The package comes after Vilnius’ deal with the Swedish firm in 2022 seeking improved air defense for the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The missiles will be used by the Air Defence Battalion stationed at Radviliškis, northern Lithuania. They are favored for their uncomplicated maintenance, mobility, and resilience to electromagnetic jamming.

More modern weapons are currently being sought by the country as a response to ongoing tensions in the region. About 45 percent of Lithuania’s national defense budget is currently being dedicated to modernization efforts.

Lithuania’s Air Defense

In May, Lithuania revealed its plans to add Germany’s IRIS-T medium-range missiles to its air defense posture, highlighting its effectiveness in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The country also signed a joint procurement agreement with Sweden for a mobile short-range air defense system, set to arrive in 2025.

The unnamed system detects airborne targets and responds to them efficiently.

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