Lithuania Plans Mobile Air Defense System Procurement With Sweden

Lithuania has signed a joint procurement agreement with Sweden for a mobile short-range air defense system.

Its components will arrive in the country as soon as 2025, with complete fabrication expected by 2027.

The unidentified system is expected to be capable of “quick detection of airborne targets and efficient response to different airborne threats,” according to the Norwegian Ministry of Defense.

“Acquisition of a short-range air defense system will significantly increase our air defense,” Lithuanian Deputy Defense Minister Greta Monika Tuckute said.

“We collaborate with the Defence Materiel Administration [of Sweden] to start further procurement procedures which will reveal the exact price, scope and other details of the project.” 

RBS 70 Air Defense System

The Lithuanian military has operated the RBS 70 mobile short-range air defense system since 2004.

Vilnius is planning to procure multiple units of RBS’ latest RBS 70 NG variant, according to Defence Industry Europe.

Negotiations with the manufacturer Saab are expected to commence shortly, the outlet added.


The NG’s “unjammable” laser beam guidance enables a precision range of over 9 kilometers (5.6 miles).

It is compatible with networked and remote-control operations, and its modular and scalable design allows it to be man-portable and integrated with a range of ground vehicles.

An RBS 70 NG-mounted Joint Light Tactical Vehicle was recently unveiled at the DSEI 2023 in London.

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