Estonia Receives 300 Carl-Gustaf M4 Grenade Launchers

The Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) has taken delivery of 300 Carl-Gustaf M4 grenade launchers from Saab to replace its aging, heavier M203s.

Weighing about seven kilograms (15 pounds), the armament can fire armor-penetrating grenades, anti-structure and anti-personnel ammunition, and smoke and illumination grenades.

The weapon is designed to destroy heavily-armored tanks, neutralize landing craft and bunkers, clear obstacles, and engage enemies inside buildings.

Estonian Centre for Defense Investment (ECDI) official Ramil Lipp stated that the Carl-Gustaf M4 will significantly increase the military’s short-range anti-tank capabilities.

With the recent purchase, Estonia becomes one of 14 countries to acquire the latest grenade launchers from Saab, in addition to the US and several other NATO members.

‘Robust and Reliable Weapon’

Lipp revealed that the Estonian military plans to utilize the weapon alongside the country’s M320 grenade launchers.

He also stated that the acquisition of new weapons is another example of close cooperation between Baltic countries to enhance their defense capabilities.

Meanwhile, Saab head of ground combat Michael Höglund expressed satisfaction with the company’s recent deal with Estonia, saying that it now has a weapon that will remain “robust and reliable” for years to come.

EDF Chief of Ordnance Major Risto Pärtel remarked that the new weapon enables improved accuracy and speed during missions because of its lightness and relatively small size.

Additional Features

The Carl-Gustaf M4 grenade launcher is equipped with a standard clip-on telescopic sight that allows soldiers to install thermal sights or image intensifiers for missions conducted in low light.

Additionally, the weapon’s guided munition can accurately engage stationary or moving targets at distances of up to 2,000 meters (6,561 feet).

With its anti-tank capabilities, the weapon can be deployed in anti-insurgency missions and traditional force-on-force conflicts in urban or complex combat environments.

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