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S. Korea Developing AESA Radar Tech for Frigates, Destroyers

South Korea is nearing the end of development on its new Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, which can detect multiple targets simultaneously.

The platform will be integrated into upcoming South Korean defense programs, including the Ulsan-class Batch-III frigate, KDDX-class destroyer, and the KAI KF-21 Boramae fighter aircraft.

The radar will reportedly improve the anti-air and anti-ship capabilities of the Ulsan-class frigates and be used to detect and monitor up to 4,000 targets using its four-phased array.

Prior to developing the AESA radar, the Korean military utilized spinning radar that updates target information by rotating 360 degrees. However, the radar encountered difficulties detecting hypersonic aerial threats.

Unlike the country’s previous radar, the AESA can easily be installed and repaired since it only requires the replacement of a single module.

In addition to frigates and destroyers, the AESA radar will reportedly be installed on the naval variant of the long-range surface-to-air missile.

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