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British Army Conducts Jungle Warfare Training With Thai Forces

The British Army and Thai Armed Forces are conducting Panther Gold 21, a jungle warfare exercise to boost military warfare tactics, navigation, and survival techniques.

Panther Gold was first held in Kanchanaburi province in 2017, with the second conducted in Nakhon Ratchasima province in 2019.

In the third joint exercise, taking place between March 14 and April 1, 120 soldiers from the British Army’s Grenadier Guards are taking part alongside 160 personnel from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and Security Battalion of the Thai military.

Deepening UK-Thai Defense Cooperation

The training coincided with UK Defense Minister Baroness Goldie’s visit to Thailand. The minister signed a Memorandum of Understand with Thai Deputy Defense Minister General Chaichan Changmongkol to deepen and enhance defense cooperation between the two nations. 

“Thailand is an important defense partner for the UK in the Indo-Pacific,” Goldie said in a statement. “We are determined to continue to work together with our respective skills and expertise, supporting our shared values and addressing regional security challenges and global threats.”

“This week’s joint exercise is a fantastic example of our troops working together, building their skills and capabilities in a harsh jungle environment,” the statement added.

The training program consisted of two main activities: Cross-Training Exercises to improve their skills in martial arts, survive in the jungle, and familiarise themselves with weapons; and Field Training Exercises, which develop competence, including close target reconnaissance and contact drills.

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