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US Navy Awards Sikorsky $99M Helicopter Simulator Contract

The Naval Air Systems Command has awarded Sikorsky a $99 million VH-92A aircraft simulators and trainers contract in support of the Presidential Helicopter Program.

The flight training device replicates the aircraft cockpit, providing “mission-oriented flight training” to pilots. 

The contract includes “delivery of technical analysis, technical reports, trade studies, and retrofit kits” and runs through February 2030.

Presidential Helicopter Program

The contract comes eight years after Lockheed Martin clinched a $1.24 billion contract for six VH-92As to replace the current presidential Marine One VH-60N and VH-3D aircraft. The contract included production options for 21 operational and two test aircraft.

Sikorsky was scheduled to begin delivering six VH-92As last year as part of the first low-rate production contract. In 2020, the US Navy awarded the company a second low-rate production contract to deliver another six helicopters starting this year. A year later, the final production contract was awarded to deliver five units by 2023.

Meant to transport the US President, Vice President, and other high-ranking officials, the twin-seat, twin-engine VH-92A is based on the Sikorsky S-92A. 


The 56-foot (17 meters)-long, 15.5-feet (4.7 meters)-high aircraft has a payload capacity of 11,000 pounds (4989 kg) and can accommodate up to 22 passengers. 

It can fly at up to 165 knots and cruise at 151 knots for a maximum distance of 539 nautical miles (998 km) without refueling. The craft also has a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet (4,267 meters).

The aircraft is equipped with the Naval Air Systems Command Mission Communications System (MCS), capable of “simultaneous short- and long-range secure and non-secure voice and data communications.”  

The MCS enables situational awareness by exchanging information with “outside agencies, organizations, and supporting aircraft.”

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