US Army Seeking New Loitering, Precision-Guided Missile

The US Army is seeking a new loitering and precision-guided missile capable of neutralizing enemy forces and assets without compromising the safety of warfighters.

The US Army Contracting Command recently issued a sources sought notice for the Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile System (LMAMS), which must either automatically lock on stationary and moving targets or be manually controlled by an operator.

The components of the LMAMS platform must include an all-up-round missile with sensors, guidance, data link, and launch capabilities. It must also include a fire control unit that provides real-time projectile video and control during day and night operations.

Additionally, the weapon system must be designed to provide operators with the capability to select targets using geolocation data, and loiter, abort, arm/disarm, or manually command warhead detonation.

The US Army has set February 8 as the deadline for submitting responses or proposals. All information collected will be used to determine parameters for future LMAMS competitions.

Additional Considerations

The army explained in the sources sought notice that the LMAMS controller architecture should be modular so it can be hosted by any approved US Army common controller.

The service also noted that the missile’s training simulator must be embedded into the Fire Control Unit so that training does not require equipment other than the tactical hardware.

“LMAMS will have the ability to automatically track a target designated by the operator or allow the operator to manually control the system as needed to focus on a specific area or point of interest,” the notice reads. “The system must have lethal effects against personnel and light-duty vehicles while minimizing collateral damage.”

Interested developers are advised to demonstrate existing system capabilities by submitting a written response.

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