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China Unveils ‘World’s Largest’ Quadruped Military Robot

China has introduced what it claims to be the world’s largest electrically-powered quadruped robot to assist the military on logistics and reconnaissance missions.

With a “yak-like appearance,” the four-legged robot can reportedly carry up to 352 pounds (160 kilograms) of payload and run at six miles (10 kilometers) per hour.

The platform’s structure is designed to withstand challenging off-grid military missions and conquer a wide variety of terrain, including cliffs, trenches, grasslands, fields, deserts, snow, and muddy roads.

Despite being reported as the heaviest and largest quadruped robot, the hi-tech unit can run, jump, turn, and walk diagonally.

According to state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), the platform has 12 modules and state-of-the-art sensors, allowing it to collect tactical battlefield information and perform logistics.

Potential military uses include all-weather operations in high-risk combat zones, remote border areas, and complex environments that have proven too challenging for soldiers.

Technology Advances

In addition to the new robot, China has a bionic mechanical dog named Geda that weighs 32 kilograms (70.5 pounds) and can carry 40 kilograms (88.1 pounds) of payload.

The machine dog understands simple voice commands and employs facial recognition. It has also passed trials conducted in traverse forests, rocky roads, narrow passages, and single-plank bridges.

Last year, a Chinese state-owned company also released a video of the test launch of technology to release a swarm of 48 attack drones in the air.

Chinese news website Duowei News reported that the purpose of the system demonstrated rapid deployment, hovering, and maneuvering of a large number of drones simultaneously.

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