Bulgaria to Receive Hensoldt Mode-5 IFF System

Bulgaria will receive state-of-the-art Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) technology from German sensor manufacturer Hensoldt as part of the country’s military modernization program.

Awarded by the NATO Communications and Information Agency, the multimillion-euro contract covers the provision of several monopulse secondary surveillance radars and cryptographic devices to the Bulgarian armed forces. Hensoldt will also provide necessary services for the system under the agreement.

IFF Technology

IFF technology enables military and civilian air traffic control systems to detect “friendly units” such as aircraft or ships by responding to interrogation signals. It also allows the interrogator to determine vehicle range.

The system will also upgrade other IFF equipment used by airspace surveillance sites to the new NATO “Mode 5” standard, which enhances the armed forces’ ability to avoid friendly fire.

In addition to Bulgaria, the armed forces of Germany, France, and the United Kingdom have also contracted the tech firm to upgrade their IFF systems to the “Mode 5” standard.

Enhancing Military Cooperation

Earlier this month, Bulgaria and Egypt agreed to increase their military cooperation, particularly in the field of industrialization.

According to Egyptian minister for military production, Mohamed Morsy, strengthening strategic partnership is a key factor in meeting the demands and needs of the armed forces, as well as maximizing the ability of both countries to manufacture various military and civilian products.

The official also revealed that Israel has expressed the willingness to work with Bulgarian companies to develop modern technologies that could be used by the military.

Meanwhile, Bulgarian Ambassador to Egypt Diane Angelov Katrashev expressed her belief that there are many opportunities to enhance military and civil cooperation between the two countries, considering the economic potential of Bulgaria and Israel.


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