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US Army Awards Raytheon $17.5M Surveillance Contract

The US Army has awarded Raytheon Intelligence & Space a contract worth $17.5 million to provide improved Mode 5 and ADS-B surveillance capabilities.

According to the company, the agreement will support the service’s Identification Friend or Foe technologies to better signify aircraft, vehicles, or forces as friendly, enemy, or neutral.

Raytheon will also deliver various products and services to the military for five years, including digital control panels, KIV-77 crypto modules, APX-119 transponders, personality modules, crypto simulators, and mounting trays.

Vice president for communications and airspace management systems at Raytheon, Denis Donohue, said that the company continues to deliver critical surveillance capabilities to the army amid an “ever-evolving environment.”

“It is our priority to help ensure our nation’s warfighters are properly equipped with increased situational awareness and stronger security functions,” he explained in a press release.

Other Surveillance Contracts

Earlier this month, Raytheon UK won a $149-million contract to expand and upgrade the Royal Air Force’s Shadow surveillance aircraft fleet.

Under the contract, the company will expand the current fleet size of six Shadow aircraft to eight. It will also integrate the latest UK Sovereign Defensive Aids Systems to help protect the vehicles in adversarial airspace.

Work for the contract is expected to be complete by the end of 2025.

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