L3Harris Wins Contract to Upgrade Secretive US Space Force Weapons

American technology firm L3Harris has been awarded a $121 million contract to support the modernization of 16 secretive US weapons capable of jamming enemy communications.

According to the Department of Defense, the company will be responsible for upgrading Block 10.2 Counter Communications Systems at three military bases in the country and classified locations overseas.

The communications system can reversibly deny adversary satellite communications and the early warning capabilities of enemy forces.

The work will be undertaken at L3Harris facilities in Melbourne, Florida with completion expected by February 2025.

The Block 10.2 Counter Communications System

First introduced to the US military in 2004, the Block 10.2 Counter Communications System is a transportable electronic space warfare system that reached initial operating capability in March.

An upgraded version of the system was hailed in 2020, as it delivered capabilities to warfighters faster and better than opponents.

General manager of the L3Harris space control division Praveen Kurian explained that the 10.2 system gives “significantly expanded” capabilities regarding the kind of missions it can run. He also revealed that the upgraded version provides more transportability than the first-generation system.

“Think of it as a platform that various custom missions run on,” Kurian said last year. “It doesn’t permanently damage [targets], right? You’re talking about reversibly denying communications.”


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