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Haftar’s East Libya Forces Say Two Dead in Helicopter Crash

Last week, Haftar's forces carried out an operation against a Chadian armed opposition group.

Two people died in Libya on Sunday after helicopters belonging to forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar collided in the country’s east, a spokesman for the strongman’s special forces said.

“The direct impact between two helicopters” caused the death of a general and a technician, General Miloud al-Zouay said.

“The crew of the second aircraft were unharmed,” he told AFP.

The incident occurred around 130 kilometers (80 miles) southeast of Libya’s second city Benghazi “while the two aircraft were carrying out a military mission,” Zouay added, without elaborating on the nature of the mission.

Images carried by local media and circulating on social networks showed the body of a helicopter in an uninhabited area. AFP was unable to immediately verify the images.

Media close to Haftar reported earlier this week that forces loyal to the eastern strongman had carried out an operation against a Chadian armed opposition group along Libya’s southern border.

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