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Russia Developing New Heavy Combat Drone: Sources

The Russian Ministry of Defense is working on new heavy attack drone systems, according to a report by Izvestia, citing sources from the military.

According to the report, these new attack drone systems will utilize ultra-long-range strategic cruise missiles, such as the X-101. The combat drones themselves are expected to be larger than the S-70 Okhotnik and should be developed by 2040.

In addition to unmanned guided weapons, the new systems will include the development of unguided aircraft missiles.

The Altius and Okhotnik long-range attack drones are also expected to receive Kh-35U and Kh-59MK2 missiles, both unguided systems.

Russia Preparing For Drone Warfare

Russia is committed to upgrading the skillsets of commanders in charge of drone warfare. According to reports, the country will begin providing specialized drone warfare training to its military officers starting next year.

These future training sessions will reportedly be handled by the MoD.

Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky said that the need for specialized training, including in drone warfare, is crucial, as the force still only has a handful of trained personnel.

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