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Russia Unveils New Hybrid ‘ZALA VTOL’ Drone

A Russian aircraft manufacturer unveiled a cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicle, the “ZALA VTOL,” at the MAKS 2021 International Aviation and Space Salon.

The drone monitors and takes aerial photos of areas difficult to reach by ordinary military vehicles. It is also capable of creating photographic maps to secure armed forces’ ground facilities.

The company, ZALA Aero Group, explained that the electric propulsion system in the new craft allows the vehicle to stay in the air for four hours and travel at a maximum range of 200 kilometers (124 miles).

“The ZALA VTOL combines the properties of an airplane type drone and a tilt-rotor aircraft. The flight configuration changes depending on the assigned mission,” ZALA Aero Group remarked.

In addition to the ZALA VTOL, Russia has unveiled the BAS-200 small rotary-wing drone equipped with a mobile control post mounted on a car trailer. It monitors terrain and delivers cargo of up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds).


The new, hybrid ZALA VTOL has an artificial intelligence computer system, allowing the vehicle to process data and transmit high-definition photos and video to a ground control station.

The drone does not require a specially equipped launch site. It is fully compatible with all existing ZALA payloads and features software and hardware solutions parallel to the ZALA Aero Group UAV model line.

The vehicle’s onboard computer can also record three channels of video simultaneously and features automatic target tracking and digital image stabilization.

A 500-gigabyte solid-state drive encrypted in the ZALA VTOL allows the drone to store and transfer 24-megapixel photos and extensive video footage.

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