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US Army Awards BAE $62 Million Missile Warning System Contract

The US Army has awarded BAE Systems a $62 million contract for its next-generation 2-Color Advanced Warning System (2CAWS) for aircraft protection.

The 2CAWS missile warning system is based on two-color infrared sensor technology for an increased range. It provides aircrews with “advanced threat detection capabilities, improving survivability and mission effectiveness in contested environments,” the defense firm stated.

Low False Alarm Rate

The system features a fiber optic A-kit for faster data transmission and features “advanced machine learning missile warning algorithms specifically designed for complex, high-clutter environments and rapid threat updates.”

The system has a low false alarm rate and is compatible with existing US Army aircraft equipment, countermeasure systems, and pilot interfaces. This high interoperability allows for speedier installation and integration with fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Part of LIMWS Program

2CAWS is part of the Limited Interim Missile Warning System (LIMWS) Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program — a contract awarded to BAE in 2017 — and comprises the third of four production lots.

“We are excited to leverage our expertise on Quick Reaction Capability programs to support the US Army — protecting their aircraft and the aircrews who fly them,” said Chris Austin, director of Threat Detection Solutions at BAE Systems. 

“2CAWS offers new capabilities that are revolutionizing protection, for both the enduring and future US Army fleets.”


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