Virginia Company to Support US Army Communication Network in Europe

Virginia-based Tyto Athene has received a $168-million contract to support the US Army’s network infrastructure in Europe.

The agreement will supply “digital transformation solutions” to enhance the operational efficiencies of warfighters and commands across the region.

Services covered under the contract will also improve the availability of access, utility, and relay of information between organizations at any time and place.

“Tyto has a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the Army’s needs, due to the significant strengths in our past performance,” Tyto CEO Dennis Kelly said.

“We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that support our country’s national security efforts.”

Infrastructure Modernization Capabilities Set Initiative

According to the company, the contract is part of the US Department of Defense’s Infrastructure Modernization Capabilities Set (IMCS) initiative to upgrade communication assets across international US Army installations.

This project will focus on delivering classified and unclassified voice, data, video, WiFi, and software-defined networking capabilities to the army in the Asia-Pacific and Southwest Asia in addition to Europe.

Tyto wrote that the latest award will spearhead the IMCS effort in Europe, Israel, and the Horn of Africa, and streamline modernization and information technology processes across the European Command, Africa Command, and US Army Europe and Africa.

“Battlefield environments have become increasingly distributed and complex,” Tyto CTO Peter O’Donoghue stated.

“With decades-long experience supporting the Army’s modernization efforts both here and abroad, and our expertise in digital transformation, Tyto understands that unified communications is a key enabler for secure, seamless communications and data exchange.”

“Tyto has the ability to simultaneously manage and execute numerous projects, allowing our team to continuously develop solutions to help the Army achieve mission-critical objectives.”

Supporting Projects

The US Army began work to support the IMCS program in 2022. This initial phase revamped interconnected secret computer networks used for secured classified data transfer in Hawaii.

Simultaneously, the army began decommissioning its aging time division multiplexing solutions and reduced hard phone lines across camps, posts, and stations.

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