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South Korea to Test Anti Ultra-Small Drone Radar System

The South Korean military will begin testing a radar-linked solution that can detect ultra-small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) up to eight kilometers away.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration, a state arms procurement agency under the defense ministry, explained that the radar system incapacitates ultra-small drones through the use of “interference radio waves” once they are identified as unauthorized vehicles.

The system comprises an active electronic scan array (AESA) radar, infrared thermal imaging camera, jammer system, and ground control tower. AESA is a computer control system that electronically directs radio wave beams in an array of directions.

Kim Il-dong, a senior agency official, commented on the need to upgrade equipment to match the growing threats posed by UAVs.

“Our air defense capabilities to protect major military infrastructure are expected to be upgraded further by preparing against the new threats posed by drones,” he explained.

The anti-drone solution was developed by K-NETZ, a local IT company, under a 4.84 billion South Korean won ($4.3 million) deal last year.

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