Royal Navy

  • Sep- 2018 -
    21 September
    SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) mini-submarine

    UK set to upgrade SBS capabilities with 3 new US-made mini-submarines

    The US State Department approved the $90 million sale to the UK of SDV Shallow Water Combat Submersibles, likely for the Royal Navy's SBS special forces

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  • Feb- 2018 -
    2 February
    UK Royal Navy amphibious assault ship HMS Albion

    UK Royal Navy assault ship Albion to lead NATO task group

    The U.K. Royal Navy amphibious assault ship HMS Albion will lead Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 beginning next week. Albion is set to leave Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth next week and will serve as the SNMG2 flagship, operating in the Mediterranean Sea, the Royal Navy said in a Friday press release. A Royal Marines group will also embark aboard the ship. “It is a huge privilege for us to fly the flag of the NATO task group commander in such a high profile deployment,” HMS Albion commanding officer said. “This symbolises the importance that the UK and the Royal Navy places on our role in NATO and in assuring the collective defence and security of NATO allies and partners.’’ HMS Albion is one of the Royal Navy’s two amphibious assault ships. It recently completed a two-year modernization period followed by training and sea trials. The NATO task group will undertake security operations and conduct multi-national exercises while in the Mediterranean.

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  • Nov- 2017 -
    3 November
    Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile

    US Navy to procure 196 Tomahawk cruise missiles from Raytheon for $260 million

    Raytheon has been awarded a $260 million contract for the procurement of 196 Tomahawk cruise missiles and spares for the US Navy

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