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Ukraine to Receive $190M in Military Aid From UK-Led Coalition

The UK-administered International Fund for Ukraine (IFU) has announced military aid of 150 million pounds ($190 million) for the war-torn country.

It will go toward the procurement of air defense and maritime equipment.

“The International Fund for Ukraine is providing vital support to the armed forces of Ukraine, specifically tailored to meet their most urgent capability requirements,” Forces Network quoted UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps as saying.

“This new package of support includes more air defense systems to protect Ukrainian civilians and infrastructure, as well as maritime capabilities to help Ukraine continue to bolster its naval forces.”

Aid Package

Ukraine will receive radars and counter-drone systems as part of the IFU air defense package, while the maritime package includes small boats, according to the Norwegian government.

According to Forces Network, the maritime package also includes loitering munitions and underwater mine countermeasure drones, supporting the UK-Norwegian Maritime Capability Coalition.

The IFU comprises Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the UK.

“With more than 900 million pounds ($1.14 billion) of funds raised between the UK and our allies from Europe to the Pacific, the IFU continues to prove the strength of support around the world for Ukraine’s fight to defend freedom and democracy,” Forces Network quoted Shapps as saying.

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