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Textron, Kodiak Team on Driverless Military Vehicle

Textron Systems Corporation has partnered with Kodiak Robotics Inc. to develop a military ground vehicle for driverless operations.

The consortium will combine Textron’s unmanned military vehicle concept with the artificial intelligence (AI) powered autonomy software “Kodiak Driver.”

The resulting system will incorporate similar technology integrated with Kodiak’s autonomous long-haul trucks that have collectively achieved 3 million miles (4.8 million kilometers) in real-world maneuvers.

Additionally, the vehicle will include Kodiak’s proprietary DefensePods, a suite of cameras, radars, and light detection and ranging or LiDAR capabilities that collect data throughout a platform’s compartments for rapid and coordinated maintenance.

autonomous test vehicle
Autonomous test vehicle based on Ford F-150. Photo: Kodiak Robotics

“Joining forces with Kodiak allows us to bring cutting-edge autonomous technology to our industry-leading uncrewed military ground vehicle systems, progressing the functionality, adaptability, reliability and ruggedness of our technologies,” Textron Land and Sea Systems SVP David Phillips stated.

“Integrating our vehicle with Kodiak’s AI-powered autonomy software and pioneering modular DefensePods represents a major step forward in delivering a mission-ready autonomous system.”

Support ‘At the Speed of Relevance’ 

Kodiak wrote that the assembly and demonstration of the land-based drone will commence later this year.

The vehicle will then be leveraged for future opportunities across related programs under the US Department of Defense and its allies.

Once fielded, the solution is anticipated to be deployed for “high-risk and complex tasks” while keeping troops away from potential risks on the battlefield.

“The future of autonomous military ground vehicles is dual-use technology developers like Kodiak working with industry leaders like Textron Systems,” Kodiak CEO Don Burnette remarked.

“Collaborating with Textron Systems will allow us to showcase the capabilities of Kodiak’s AI-powered, driverless technology in military, off-road environments. Together, we can bring new capabilities to ground systems, supporting the warfighter at the speed of relevance.”

The consortium’s project followed Kodiak’s launch of its first autonomous test vehicle based on the Ford F-150 pickup truck for US military applications in December 2023.

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