Finland Plans TNT Factory to Meet Europe’s Explosives Demand

The Finnish government is planning to build a TNT explosives factory in the country, Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen said.

The plan is a response to the high demand for explosives in Europe amid the ongoing Ukraine war.

Poland is the only country with a TNT factory in the European Union, according to Yleisradio Oy, which first reported the development.

According to the Finnish outlet, the explosive is used in artillery and mortar shells and is cheaper to produce than newer explosives.

“Significantly more explosives production is needed. Therefore, we must also seriously consider the role of domestic industry in this,” Yleisradio Oy quoted Hakkanen as saying.

Decision Expected in Spring

Talks have already begun with business representatives, private capital investors, and the defense industry, the outlet added.

“Market players know that there is a demand for this kind of production. In any case, the state has a strong controlling role in this matter,” Hakkanen said.

The location has not been finalized yet, with a decision expected in the spring.

Production Within Two Years

According to the defense minister, a quick decision could result in production starting in a year or two. He added that the matter will be discussed with other Nordic countries.

Meanwhile, Finland received 32.5 million euros ($35 million) from the EU for ammunition production in March, which was preceded by funding of 24 million euros ($26 million) in December by the ministry of defense for domestic production.

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