Ohio Contractor Extends Commercial Vehicle Supply for US Special Ops

Ohio company Battelle has secured a contract to continue supplying Non-Standard Commercial Vehicles (NSCVs) for the US Special Operations Command.

The deal permits the agency to place orders for additional armored systems at a $350-million ceiling for seven years.

Battelle wrote that NSCVs are designed to retain their original equipment manufacturer appearance while offering “mobility, survivability, and firepower” for special operations.

The firm leverages its proprietary systems engineering approach to develop this fleet and sustain resiliency across austere environments.

Common systems used for NSCV productions are Toyota’s Landcruiser and HiLux series.

Bolstering Support for SOCOM

According to Battelle, the award extends the decade-long partnership between the company and American warfighters, which began with a 1939 contract ordering armor plating upgrades for the US Army.

“Battelle has provided armored vehicles to SOCOM for over 10 years now, and this new contract award ensures we are positioned to extend that legacy by delivering our dependable, high-quality armored vehicles to SOCOM for years to come,” Battelle Logistics, Operations, and Ground Systems Director Reed McPeak stated.

“This award highlights the outstanding capabilities of the Battelle ground systems team to design and build vehicles that effectively meet SOCOM’s unique mission needs.”

“We are honored to have been selected for this work and excited at the opportunity to continue serving our SOCOM customer and the Special Operations Forces community.”

Recent Commercial Vehicle Modification Projects

The US tapped Battelle in 2021 to modify Toyota’s standard Land Cruiser 200 SUVs into specialized armored systems for the Diplomatic Security Services.

In 2020, the company received a $140-million contract to produce NSCVs for SOCOM. A separate $170 million was awarded to Battelle in 2016 for the same purpose.

SOCOM partnered with the firm in 2013 to transform pickup trucks into special ops vehicles in 2013.

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