Russia Receives New Batch of Su-35S Fighter Jets

The Russian Ministry of Defense has received a new batch of Su-35S fighter jets from manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

The first delivery of 2024 followed ground and flight tests in various operating modes, a press release from parent company Rostec said without specifying the number of jets delivered.

The previous delivery took place in October, which marked the fourth batch of the 4++ generation fighter jet delivered in 2023.

The Su-35S were built at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant in the Russian Far East, where the fifth-generation Su-57 is also manufactured.

Upgraded Aircraft?

The Rostec statement hinted at the aircraft transitioning to a fifth-generation system, explaining it is equipped with a new power plant featuring digital control system and controlled thrust vectoring.

“We produce Su-35S aircraft at the highest technological level thanks to the large-scale modernization of production, which has been carried out at the Komsomol plant over the past few years and is still ongoing,” UAC General Director Yuri Slyusar said.

“This includes a production line, new Russian machines, and a testing facility. The rapid adaptation of production to the growing needs of [the Russian Aerospace Forces] became possible thanks to significant government investments in the development of the plant.”

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