Ohio Company to Deliver Military Shelters to US Army

Ohio-based defense contractor HDT Global has received a $432.6-million contract to supply tactical tents to the US Army.

The award stipulates expandable and non-expandable rigid wall shelters deployable for expeditionary applications.

The project will produce approximately 60 individual shelter variants which, according to the company, support operational energy efficiency, decrease lifecycle costs, and promote commonality across the service.

Each shelter is designed for multi-domain operations and will be used for mobilization, modernization, and protection tasks, the company wrote.

“We’re delighted to be selected by the Army for this important program,” HDT Global CEO and President Kevin McSweeney said.

“HDT is the industry leader in shelter solutions for the [Department of Defense] and allied partners. HDT is committed to providing needed capabilities to our Warfighters as they face new challenges on the modern battlefield.”

Recent Deployable Facility Efforts

The US Army announced its intent to modernize command posts in April to adapt the facilities to modern warfare settings.

The plan focuses on employing “small, roving, camouflaged centers” equipped with networks that can tap into commercial communication traffic, protecting warfighters from both field and cyber attacks.

In February, Northrop Grumman delivered the interference-protected workstation for the US Army’s Integrated Battle Command System.

Last year, the US Army started constructing a deployable air base in Luxembourg to support the storage and logistics operations across the US Air Forces in Europe.

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