L3Harris to Produce More Night Vision Goggles for US Army

L3Harris has signed a $256-million contract with the US Army for the production of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B).

The deal is the first order under the program’s full-scale indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract, which the company estimates to reach $1 billion over 10 years.

The army will use the ENVG-B to enhance troops’ situational awareness at night and in low-light environments, incorporating fused white phosphor and thermal technologies for precision targeting and identification capabilities.

Around 13,000 of the binoculars are currently in service in the US Army.

Offering Clearer Vision

The goggles’ augmented reality feature allows its users to lock in on their targets without having to look down to read maps or check radios for critical information.

It is also capable of switching from white-hot vision to black-hot and outline modes, preserving accuracy in all battlefield conditions and light levels.

Its other key features include switching to monocular visioning, a 40-degree field of view, and data display with waypoints, tracking, and battlespace imagery.

L3Harris Chair and CEO Christopher E. Kubasik described the ENVG-B as a critical solution in ensuring US soldiers stay ahead of their peer adversaries.

“Our continued partnership with the Army and internal technology investments will keep this system ahead of the threat for years to come,” Kubasik said.

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