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Amentum to Support US Navy Microelectronics Capabilities

The US Air Force has awarded Amentum a $245-million contract to support the US Navy’s microelectronics capabilities.

Under the project, the firm will deliver research and development, demonstration, maturation, insertion, and systems engineering to evaluate and improve multiple microelectronics infrastructures under the navy.

Areas receiving the support services are the agency’s fleet of ballistic missile and strategic weapons systems, corresponding facilities and laboratories, and other strategic weapons platforms under the US Department of Defense.

In addition, Amentum will aid the navy in boosting prototyping and test capacities as well as radiation hardening and survivability efforts.

Work for the contract will run for five years and be conducted in partnership with the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Crane Strategic Microelectronics Division and the Strategic Systems Programs.

“Amentum will leverage our digital engineering ecosystem and model-based system engineering expertise to enhance capabilities for strategic radiation hardened microelectronics,” Amentum Engineering, Science, and Technology President Jill Bruning stated.

Latest US Defense Contracts

Amentum signed a contract in January for the sustainment of the US Army’s aerial transport fleet.

In 2023, the company joined a $3.2-billion program to support multiple engineering capabilities for the army.

The same year, Amentum secured a contract to manage the modernization and maintenance of the US Navy’s F-16 Viper aircraft in Nevada.

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