Sweden Orders More Amphibious Bridge Systems for Army

Sweden has awarded General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) a contract to provide nine additional Amfibiebro 400 floating bridge systems for the armed forces.

The project stipulates the delivery of the solution’s 300-meter (985 feet) variant to the army, with the first unit to arrive in the autumn.

The agreement is part of an option to deliver up to 25 bridges from 2025 to 2027 in a 400-million Swedish kronor ($39.2 million) contract signed in 2022.

“It is fantastically positive that we were able to exercise this option,” Swedish Defence Materiel Administration Army Operational Head Jonas Lotsne stated.

“This means that the army’s combat units are supplied with a rapidly built communication system, to more than one brigade, much sooner than we thought possible.”

“At the same time, we become GDELS’ largest customer in the period and receive increased priority in production.”

Amfibiebro 400

Also called the M3, the Amfibiebro 400 is the latest iteration of the company’s bridging platforms to sustain the mobility of ground military vehicles between lakes and large waterways.

The amphibious system is operated by two personnel and can be configured between its primary bridging function or as a multi-bay raft.

M3 amphibious bridge system
M3 amphibious bridge system. Photo: General Dynamics European Land Systems

GDELS wrote in its product portfolio that the bridge offers rapid assembly time, enhanced in-water maneuverability, seamless water-to-land transition, as well as increased automation for military users.

Furthermore, the platform can be connected with other bridging solutions developed by the company, such as the standard ribbon, floating support, and improved ribbon bridges.

The Amfibiebro 400 can carry the weight of main battle tanks, including the Challenger 2, Leopard 2, and M1A2 Abrams.

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