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Singapore Army Braces for Hi-Tech Urban Warfare Training

The Singapore Army is set to utilize more cutting-edge technologies in its urban warfare training with the introduction of smart target systems.

Installed at the Murai Urban Battle Circuit (MUBC), the new target systems include a 2D human target capable of quickly flipping up or turning around to simulate sudden engagement.

They also feature a mobile 3D human target that can move on four wheels at speeds reaching 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) per hour. It simulates enemy patrols and reinforcements.

Most importantly, the MUBC has been equipped with a configurable Virtual Avatar System that uses video characters to simulate enemies.

It can create complex scenarios, such as hostage situations and close combat, and responds based on the actions of training troops.

According to the army, the state-of-the-art target systems will help provide a realistic and immersive training experience to its soldiers.

Virtual Avatar System
The Virtual Avatar System. Photo: Singapore Ministry of Defence

‘Shoot-Back Systems’

All new target systems at the MUBC can produce heat signatures to allow troops to train with night-vision devices.

They will also feature “shoot-back” capabilities to fire at soldiers using lasers and be fired upon.

To maximize the immersive training experience, the systems will come with instrumented pyrotechnics to simulate artillery attacks and gunfire.

“The MUBC offers a smart and interactive way of training, with enhanced training realism and outcome,” Lieutenant Colonel Lim Zhifeng said. “Most importantly, it allows us to conduct our training safely.”

The first batch of troops is expected to begin training in April 2024.

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