Russia Says Intercepted Three French Aircraft Over Black Sea

Russia’s defense ministry said Tuesday that it had scrambled a fighter jet to “prevent a violation of the Russian state border” by three French aircraft over the Black Sea.

Such incidents have regularly occurred, even before Russia launched its offensive in Ukraine in 2022.

“To prevent a violation of the Russian state border, a Su-27 fighter aircraft was raised into the air,” Russia’s defense ministry said.

The crew identified an “E-3F long-range radar aircraft and two Rafale-S multirole fighters belonging to the French air force” over the Black Sea.

As the Russian fighters approached, “the foreign military aircraft performed a U-turn away from the borders of the Russian Federation,” it added.

There was no recorded breach of the border, according to the ministry statement.

This is the latest in a string of similar incidents over the Black Sea.

In March 2023, tensions grew between Moscow and Washington when a US Reaper drone crashed after colliding with a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea.

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