Argentina Sends Russian-Made Helicopters to Ukraine

Argentina has sent two Mi-171E helicopters originally received from Russia to Ukraine following approval by President Javier Milei.

The move comes as Milei expressed his interest in prioritizing alliances with “countries that defend freedom,” citing the US, Israel, and Ukraine, according to a Financial Times report.

The Mi-171Es were previously decommissioned due to Russia’s inability to provide logistics support following export sanctions amid its ongoing war in Ukraine.

The donation was announced in December last year when Buenos Aires agreed to a US offer to deduct the price of the aircraft from its F-16 Fighting Falcon purchases.

Argentina’s Antarctic Capabilities

The two Mi-171E helicopters, H-94 and H-95, were used by the Argentine Air Force as support capabilities for its operations in Argentine Antarctica.

Both helicopters were flown by the air force’s Grupo Aéreo 7 from Military Air Base Mariano Moreno in Buenos Aires since 2011, conducting transportation duties and participating in search and rescue operations.

The aircraft are equipped with VK-2500-03 aero engines, which can operate at a 1,300-kilowatt continuous maximum and 1,800-kilowatt takeoff performance in temperatures as low as -72.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-58 degrees Celsius).

The Mi-17 helicopters are utilized by more than 70 countries, including Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, and Yemen.

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