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Elbit Introduces Hermes 650 Spark Drone With 24-Hour Endurance

Elbit Systems has unveiled its new Hermes 650 Spark tactical drone designed to meet the evolving challenges in aerospace.

Presented at the Singapore Air Show 2024, the medium-altitude, long-endurance platform features an atypical design because it has a puller configuration engine located in the nose.

It boasts an operating speed of up to 120 knots (222 kilometers/138 miles per hour) and an auto-taxi capability to operate on short runways.

But the most distinguished feature is its outstanding flight endurance of at least 24 hours, according to Elbit vice president Ziv Avni.

He said the drone uses satellite communication, so “theoretically, you can take off at one point, fly 24 hours straight, and land in a different location.”

Another important characteristic of the new unmanned platform is its ability to carry up to 120 kilograms (264 pounds) of payload without compromising flight endurance.

It has a total of eight modular storage stations, accommodating large payload bays in the fuselage and six hard points on the wings.

‘An Important Milestone’

Elbit Systems has two other unmanned systems under the Hermes family: the Hermes 450 and the Hermes 900.

But Avni said the Hermes 650 Spark is “different from everything we’ve done so far.”

It features the highest standards of safety, survivability, and immunity while maintaining a low life-cycle cost.

The new drone also integrates high-quality electro-optics, radar, signals intelligence, and other advanced functionalities to support a variety of military missions.

Elbit Systems General Manager Yoram Shmuely said the launch of the Hermes 650 Spark is an important milestone for the company as it continues to “push the boundaries of technology and exceptional capabilities.”

“I am confident that this new addition to our diverse and innovative aerospace defense portfolio will further solidify our commitment to advancing defense technology, ensuring security, and meeting the dynamic needs of the modern battlefield,” he explained.

Without providing specific details, the company said it has already secured a customer for the next-generation drone.

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