Lockheed to Increase HIMARS Production By 60 Percent This Year

Lockheed Martin will increase its annual production of HIMARS rocket launching systems by over 60 percent to 96 by the end of this year.

Multiple conflicts across the world, including a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, are driving the platform’s demand.

It produced 60 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers in 2023, a hike of 25 percent over the previous year.

US Wants 500 HIMARS Annually by 2028

The US has delivered 39 HIMARS to Ukraine since 2022 while securing orders from Estonia, Latvia, and Poland.

Meanwhile, the US Army sought market information in 2022 on potential vendors capable of producing up to 500 HIMARS in five years. 

The potential contract is expected to significantly increase the platform’s supply.

Other Systems Production

Furthermore, Lockheed aims for a 40 percent annual production increase of HIMARS Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System ammunition in 2025, from 1,000 to 1,400.

Additionally, the defense giant plans to produce 3,960 Javelin anti-tank missile systems by late 2026 from the current 2,400.

Meanwhile, Lockheed said it has secured advanced funds to raise the annual production of PAC-3 MSE air defense missiles to 650 by 2027.

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