Lockheed, Red 6 Achieve Milestone in TF-50 Simulator AR Integration

Lockheed Martin and training solutions firm Red 6 have achieved a milestone in equipping the TF-50 aircraft simulator with an augmented reality (AR) solution.

According to the consortium, the recent progress paves the way for evaluations of AR applications for the upcoming training platform.

The achievement also accelerates the planned integration of virtual technology into the future TF-50 aircraft’s design.

“This milestone demonstrates Lockheed Martin’s commitment to meeting customer needs and advancing 21st Century Security solutions through purposeful digital investments and strategic partnerships,” Lockheed Martin Integrated Fighter Group General Manager OJ Sanchez stated.

“Technology integration such as this ensures that with the TF-50, pilots have the right tools to enable faster, more efficient training for fourth and fifth generation fighter missions and beyond.”

The TF-50 is being built to support a US Air Force initiative seeking a modernized tactical trainer for its pilots with standards above the aging T-38 Talon and the T-7 Red Hawk flight trainers.

T-50 Golden Eagle jet trainer. Image: Lockheed Martin

‘State-of-the-Art’ Technology

“Red 6 is ushering in a new paradigm with technology that will address current production, absorption and experience challenges facing military flight training,” Red 6 CEO Daniel Robinson explained.

“We will continue to pursue our vision of connecting all warfighters across all domains into joint training and operational environments – all underpinned by our state-of-the-art AR technology.”

Advanced AR for T-50 Legacy

In June 2023, Lockheed announced that it would incorporate Red 6’s Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) product into the T-50 aircraft and ground-based systems.

ATARS offers different AR scenarios such as aerial maneuver, tactical formation, refueling, and anti-surface-to-air weapon operations.

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